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22 Oct 2012

Skin care doesn't have to be expensive, in fact - homemade acne treatments can be just as effective as popular store brands.

UGGs Boots on sale You might feel like you need to spend a fortune to keep your skin clear and looking great, but the truth is many homemade acne treatments are just as effective and contain the same ingredients found in many store-bought, ugg boots on sale organic or natural brands. 

UGGs Boots on sale So, keep reading for some great acne remedies and skin care solutions that you can find right at home.

UGGs Boots on sale Drop of Lemon

UGGs Boots on sale Lemon is an antiseptic, cleanser and astringent. That means a drop or two will dry out a pimple overnight, leaving little more than a small spot of red that will diminish as the day wears on.

UGGs Boots on sale To use this treatment, simply squeeze a few drops either directly on your pimple or to a cotton ball and apply. Because lemon juice can really dry out your skin, try to use it only on the affected area and on isolated pimples.

UGGs Boots on sale Working with Witch Hazel

UGGs Boots on sale Witch hazel is probably the world's first toner - it's a natural ingredient that is distilled from the witch hazel shrub. Some witch hazel products contain alcohol, but should be avoided as they can dry out the skin. Instead, look for a product that is diluted with water. Witch hazel should be applied like toner.

UGGs Boots on sale Oatmeal

UGGs Boots on sale Oatmeal is a fantastic scrub that's great for refreshing the skin, ridding it of blackheads and encouraging new skin cell growth. Simply make a thick paste out of oatmeal and water and scrub gently with it. Use this scrub two to three times a week and avoid pressing too hard as it can result in skin irritation.

UGGs Boots on sale Apple Cider Vinegar

UGGs Boots on sale Great for oily skin, apple cider vinegar is a fantastic skin toner that improves skin color, evens out tone, cuts down on blackheads and even tightens pores. Before you use it, try diluting it with % water.

UGGs Boots on sale Toothpaste Pimple Remedy

UGGs Boots on sale Like lemon juice, a spot of toothpaste is a great way to dramatically reduce the appearance of a single pimple. While it's not the perfect solution for a widespread acne problem, it can work wonders on that single zit that popped up on your chin the day before a big date or meeting. Simply apply a very small dab of paste right on the pimple before bed. In the morning, you'll find it significantly smaller or completely gone.

UGGs Boots on sale Mask from Egg White

UGGs Boots on sale Take the white of one egg and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey and add a few broken capsules of vitamin E. Once it's mixed, apply the mixture over your entire face, ugg on sale avoiding the mouth and eyes. Allow it to dry for to minutes and then peel off and rinse. Your face will feel tighter, fresher and more toned.

UGGs Boots on sale Finally, probably the best and least expensive of all the homemade acne treatments is drinking water. Try to drink at least glasses of water a day for great looking skin.

Homemade Acne Treatments Homemade Acne Acne Treatments Witch Hazel

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